Remember to breathe

-boom boom boom boom boom boom-

No, that’s not the sound of NARC busting into my humble abode. It is merely the sound of my heart, racing a mile a minute, you’d think I just chugged 3 Red Bulls! Having spent the past year obsessing over a good 57 blogs that I follow religiously thanks to my google reader (yes, expect plenty of blatant, albeit shameless, brand name plug-ins), the day has finally come where I am shooting my first wedding. I’m cool. -inhale- No, really… I am -inhale- So maybe I’m a tad nervous -INHALE- Fine… I’m ecstatic/nervous/anxious/humbled/scared/happy. Yes… all at the same time. It’s amazing what opportunities life can throw at you but I’ve dreamt of this day to come for months and nothing can stop me from giving this my all. I owe myself this much. Just a short entry for now but mark my words… this is the first of many.
Peace, love, and chocolate chip cookies…

If you’re wondering why I typed up this blog hours before curtain call, it’s because my lovely friend Julia Azcona said that she wouldn’t stop bugging me until I opened one and you know what… I love her for that. Truly… Madly… Deeply…

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