It’s Sunday and that means it’s laundry day. Like clockwork, I head over to my favorite laundromat on 51st street and Roosevelt ave. and get ready to get my (watching) football on. This place is awesome. Aside from the ridiculous amount of washers and dryers and abundance of folding space, there’s always one good thing I can count on… something to watch on TV. Normally, if you’re washing your load later into the afternoon, football is on and boy does that help make the agonizing task of folding go by so much quicker. I can’t stand folding. Thinking about it gives me the hebejebes. I wish there were such a thing as self folding shirts or the shirts coming out folded from the dryer. After I get this whole “I’m a photographer” business together, I’ll start working on those side inventions. As usual, I digress…

Today’s Sunday feature was not the ordinary football game or yet another showing of Dirty Dancing (which I don’t mind one bit)… no, today was the 40th ING NYC Marathon. Whenever I watch extreme sports, I get goosebumps on my arms and a shiver down my spine. Just the thought of running for an entire 26.2 miles makes me exhausted. Hell, I just drove to the laundromat that was 14 blocks away to avoid going to the rinky-dink spot down my block. That’s right… I have a laundromat right down my block. Judge me all you want, I judge myself all the time. But after having crossed off several items from my bucket list in 2009 including doing a biathlon, a sprint triathlon, and a half marathon, I think 2010 is the year I do a marathon. Goodness, I’m probably going to want to kick myself for actually proclaiming this for all you three readers to see but I figured, if I say I’m going to do it, I’m going to just have to go through with it. Now granted, I won’t be doing the NYC Marathon, but I’ll be posting the location soon enough. My goal is not so much to finish in good time but to stick to my training regiment. I watched this year’s runners smiling even though their bodies were through absolute agony and I miss that. I miss having a training schedule, pushing my body further than I thought possible, and passing that finish line and feeling like a million monopoly buckaroos.

And because I love pretty pictures… here are my two inspirations

To the left, at 5’2″ 92lbs, my baby sis Inga. She’s super bright and just ran her first official 5K and paced it at a cool 8:15 minute mile. To the right, weight undisclosed due to its ridiculous closeness to my own, the man who taught me softball, how to change a tire, there’s no such thing as ‘free’, and to live my life and then more… my father. I have yet to see the man face an obstacle and not overcome it. As a good friend of mine once said “he’s awesome.” What started with a curiosity of how it’d feel to run the NYC Marathon, my father has now done the NYC Marathon twice, the Run to the Sun in Mauii, the Two Oceans marathon in South Africa, the Great Wall run in (you guessed right) China, the Moscow marathon in Russia, the Athens marathon and most recently, the Sydney run. Did I mention he did all this within the past 10 years, raised three rugrats, worked full-time, AND have a happy marriage? If he can do it, I should have no excuses. Should being the operative word.

Hope you all have a nice week!

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