This was bar none, the best Thanksgiving weekend ever. It was a much needed staycation and I feel like I got a lot done.
– I finally got a chance to watch New Moon. Actually, the boyfriend… let’s call him Mr.JHS (because I met him back in junior high school… all together now AWWWWWW)… took me out to an impromptu dinner at Quaint and a movie. It was a lovely date and I want the whole interweb to know, I had a great time 🙂
– I am now coming to terms with myself and will acknowledge this… Hi, my name is Astami and I am a fan of the Twilight series. Hiiiii Astami… Look, I read the books and I can’t help myself… they’re just TOO GOOD. That being said, I am not on team whomever but I’d just like to add this comment on the movie… more of shirtless wolf pack please. Thank you.
– Got in some girl time on Saturday evening… again, plans were totally made on a whim and I had a blast!
– Went to see Brand New and they were amazing! Lost my voice a little this morning, but it wasn’t anything a cup of tea couldn’t fix.
– All caught up with Glee and I can’t say enough good things about this show. They can dance, they can sing, AND it’s hilarious! To prove they can sing, I’m attaching this clip of their performance of the national anthem at the world series. Now granted, I didn’t want to watch the games due to the absence of my team (let’s go Mets!), however this had me watching for a teeny tiny bit. I mean Glee’s version just might be a close second to that of Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl performance back in 1991.

That being said, I have a full schedule ahead of me but I’m thankful for all the wonderful memories that were made this past weekend and I will face this coming week with all my might. We’ll see how optimistic I am after Monday is done.
Don’t forget about Cyber Monday and have a nice week!


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  1. Well, I will admit that I AM TEAM JACOB! (at least after this movie thankyouverymuch!) Hello! Woof! Woof! I'm glad you had an awesome weekend. Mine wasnt too bad either.

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