i heart snow

Dearest Mother Nature,
I feel a much deserved apology is in order. I am sorry for all the times I underestimated you and badmouthed you using words my mother would have my mouth washed with a bar of soap (that’s not exactly true but I hear that’s what mothers did in the old days). I understand now, you were saving up all your energy for the wonderful snow you have sprinkled on our town today. I shall be boarding on to a bus on Friday morning to head to Vermont and snowboard the beautiful blankets of fresh pow-pow (that’s snow in the cool kid’s lingo… that’s right… I’m cool). Mother Nature, you’ve opened my eyes to make me realize that everything has a purpose. It rains in the Spring so I can wear my übercute Hunter rain boots, you shine your warm magnificent rays in the summer to give me a hint of color, and you send a cool breeze our way in the fall so we can bundle up in our favorite cowl neck knit sweaters and a pair of shorts and snuggle with the ones we love while finishing the crossword puzzle. But it’s the winter… oh yes, the winter is the reason why I love you dearly and will always try my hardest to remember to appreciate you. I have brought out my snowboard from hibernation and still found myself in awe in the presence of her beauty. Thank you for all the good times…
Love always,
Astami T


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