Sunday, Brunch Day

This was the first Sunday I slowed down. It was quite an eventful holiday season. I am extraordinarily happy to announce that on Christmas day, CB and I got engaged. It took me completely by surprise and I still am unable to stop smilling from all the glee. This will be an interesting year and I plan on updating the blog as much as possible. I know that wedding planning can be rather difficult so I’d like to share my experience as much as possible in case there are others going through or will soon go through the same journey. CB and I plan on getting married in Bali in April 2011. It’s long enough to be able to plan without pulling my hair out but short enough to say “we’re getting married next year.” Simply put… things are fantastic.
But enough of the gushy part… let’s talk food. After washing the endless mounds of laundry (’tis my Sundays), CB suggested we grab a bite. After scanning through our cerebral cortex version of the urbanspoon app, we finally choose Bistro Les Minots, a quaint french bistro that exudes that certain je ne sais quoi that make the french très chic. The ambiance… quiet and relaxing and with a tasteful touch of acoustic music played by the talented Andy. He brought over a menu and asked us to pick from the ‘jukebox.’ Johnny Cash, Eagles… you name it, he played it. The food… ah, the food. This is what brought us back here and my oh my… they were up to par yet again. I ordered the prix fixe brunch of Les OEufs Pochés, a delicately poached egg laid upon a bed of smoked salmon and a lightly toasted English muffin, drizzled with a heavenly hollandaise sauce, accompanied by a light salad and the perfect home fries. You think you’ve had home fries? No, you have not. Not ’till you’ve had it here. It was a divine medley of cubed potatoes, sauteed peppers, and caremelized onions. Drool… drool indeed. CB ordered La Bavette aux Échalotes, a grilled hanger steak and fries topped with a shallot Bordelaise sauce. I’m surprised I managed to sneak in a picture of his dish because the next time I looked up, it was vanished and all that was left was the look of satisfaction on his face. This most wonderful brunch was ended with a delightful conversation with the most gracious host Henri while sipping on a cup of tea and digesting that incredible meal. He urges us to go to go Marseille because “Southern France is the best.” After hearing Henri poetically describe the water, the white sands, and the amazing food, we bought a one way ticket to Marseille. Well, no… we didn’t, but we wanted to. Maybe in two years? One can dream…

Go to Bistro Les Minots. Just do it.

Enjoying our mimosa and bellini

CB putting in his request of songs

Andy singing “hotel california”

Oh yes…

Have nice week!


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