Oh Compost Cookie…


Oh compost cookie…
Oh compost cookie…
Momofuko thou shalt be the death of m
Or at least the reason why I won’t be able to tone up!
Nah… I
will tone up. You can hold my word on that.
Tonight was an evening discussing friendship, love, heartbreak, vacations, future plans… In essence: life and all the pickles in between. I loved every second of it. We started our evening with a dinner at Soho Park and as I sit across from my two beautiful friends, I realize just how lucky I am. Both Joyce and Cornell are fantastic people who are fabulous inside and out and I count myself oh so lucky to have people like them in life. We stroll along the streets of Manhattan to see where the night will take us. What first started out with a venture for coffee, later turns into a craving for bubble tea, ends up becoming a night of milk and cookies.
David Chang, you ingenious bastard, daringly mixing saltiness and sweets… thank you for your drool-worthy cookies. They make my insides melt.



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