Good morning interweb!

Though I know the official start of the new year was twenty-somethin’ days ago, I have decided that for me, it’s starting now. I am your ordinary jane… the girl next door, if you will. I’m indecisive as hell and thinks everyone’s work is better than mine… ’till my trusty boyfriendfiancé tells me otherwise. And to all the feminist out there, no, I don’t need his approval. He just happens to be the most honest person I know (for better and for worst). My goal right now is to be a professional wedding photographer both in the tri-state area and in the international scene in one year. That gives me until the wedding season of 2011 to get my act together which includes building my portfolio, getting a website that reflects my personality and work, and building my equipment and contact list. It’s scary out there. The current economic situation, the bridezillas, the rain… oh the rain! All these elements out to ruin what is otherwise a magnificent day for a couple to declare their unification in front of their loved ones. I believe in love and I consider it to be an absolute honor for a couple to trust me with capturing images to reflect the memories made that day. True to my shopaholic ways, I pride myself in quality. None of my camera equipment is second hand because I picture your wedding as mine… I simply couldn’t cheat you out. This is your day!

From here on in, one I hope to update on a regular basis with lots of photographs, many learning experiences, and oh yeah… my wedding planning adventure. It’s a tricky road, this thing called life and I plan on living each day to its fullest. I know it won’t be easy but if photography taught me anything it’s that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, you just have to work at it… till it clicks. After that… nothing but smiles.


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