Pia & Isaac

I met Pia and Isaac last year out of absolute frustration. It seemed that for some time, I was going nowhere. It felt like no matter how much I was putting myself out there, my portfolio wasn’t growing, which meant I couldn’t make a half decent website, which meant potential clients wouldn’t be able to find me… goin’ nowhere. I was up to my limit with people letting me down, I mean… how many more if-y plans could I possibly take? And then a bulb lit. A eureka moment… why don’t I go outside my circle? I posted a simple ad on Craigslist and while I know it’s a tad risky, I felt if I took all the proper precautions, this just might work. I was scared. Terrified someone would take advantage of my offer for a rather low priced photo shoot but my portfolio was in dire need for well, anything! Then came Pia, my very first client and an absolute blessing. Pia and her husband were everything I dreamed of and more. She was 7 months pregnant and wanted to document this stage in their life without that studio look. After several e-mails back and forth, I knew this would be a start to a beautiful relationship. I was in love with my first client. In order to get Pia out of camera-shy mode, we chatted about her orphanage in Uganda. That’s right… the woman helped build an orphanage in Uganda!!! Could I be any luckier? We’ve been in talks and hopefully, all fingers crossed, I’ll be able to come with her on her next visit and rest assured… I will take a gazillion and one photographs. I simply can’t wait…

Pia and Isaac, you guys are awesome.

Their son Micah was born at the end of last year and thankfully he is healthy and oh so cute (I mean hello… did you see his parents?!?) Stay tuned… pictures of Micah coming right up.


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