I was introduced to Mady on one cloudy Saturday afternoon… all 7 pounds and 3 ounces of her. I was so worried there wouldn’t be enough lighting and I’d have to use the flash (on a newborn? blegh). Thanks to good old Mr.Sunshine, we had just the right amount of light to work with and boy was I happy with how the photographs came out. This was the first time I was doing a shoot with my brand new, oh so yummy 50mm f1.2 lens and let me just say humina humina hot damn this lens is awesome! I love how it focuses and the ridiculous bokeh that’s produced when using the f1.2 aperture setting. Definitely do not regret buying this lens. I’ll use it forever!

At such a young age, she was already promising to be a princess filled with personality. She was such a wonderful baby to photograph, every so often teasing us with a smile that made me and her proud family say “awww” with way more w’s than that. It was such a delight to see grandma and grandpa peeking in all throughout the day… they’d look at Mady, smile, sigh, then… I swear, there was an extra pep in their walk. Too cute!

Ooh… oh yes, oh shallow depth of field. You’re so good to me!


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