Mmmm….. friiiiiiday….

Friday never sounded so good. It’s been a long week with tons of work and not much rest. Sometimes I look at myself with such disdain… why? Why do I kill myself at work? They say acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step and I’d be the first to admit it… I can’t half ass anything. And while that may not seem like a problem per say, it is when you finally realize to take your lunch at 3pm, if any lunch at all, and leave the office at 8pm. No bueno… Starting next week, I’m going to try something new… get to work at 9, take a whole one hour lunch, and leave at 5. I must prioritize my life and realize that my health comes first. I’ve been so busy scheduling every second of my month, I sometimes forget to stop. Funny how no matter what smart phone I had, whether it be the blackberry or the current love second love of my life, my iPhone, I still stick to the good old planner. I like jotting little things down in it like dinner with Cornell and Joyce @ 6:30pm or date night with my boo, it simply makes me feel more accomplished. Maybe I should pencil in rest time?

Right now, all I can think about is where I’m going to be this May. At the end of that month, I shall be in Bali on a business trip. The boyfriend and I plan on finalizing and confirming the big details for the wedding. We haven’t picked out the exact hotel yet but a good friend and wedding planner extraordinaire, Erryn, will be helping us narrow down the location for the actual wedding ceremony. You see we have a slight problem… because the boyfriend and I are of different religions, we can’t have an actual wedding in Indonesia. Evidently inter-religion marriages are not honored in that country so we have to get what’s called a “commitment ceremony.” Maybe it’s just me, but I like the sound of that better than a wedding. With the high rate of divorces these days and extra marital affairs -cough- Tiger Woods -cough cough-, I would much prefer to have a commitment ceremony. The word wedding has been so tainted by today’s media. Case in point… bridezillas. I mean really, have you seen that show? It’s like a bad car accident, you know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help yourself. I refuse to be a bridezilla. I know it’s easy to get all caught up in the moment however I’ve assigned my friends Jeanina and Rika to give me a wake up call if it ever happens. -shudders- My point is, I want to stay focused and can’t wait to say my vows, promising to commit to my future husband that I will always love him through the good days and the occasional bump in the road. One thing I’m very proud of is our communication. I don’t mean to brag but we do a pretty good job with telling one another what’s on each other’s mind. Sure, either one of us will need a nudge as a reminder (see, I admit my wrongs), but the key is in fact that a kind reminder is seen as an act of love, not nagging. After seven years of dating, with a couple blips here and there, we’re going to Bali together. I just can’t wait to show him all this…

Me and the cousins at warung made
The beautiful pool right outside our room.

Ending the day at the beach across the street from the hotel.

Hindu ceremony


-sigh- simply heaven…

Have a nice weekend!


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