7am phone call: “Don’t come in. It’s a snow day”

I’ve never been so happy to hear my phone ring so early in the morning.  I felt like a kid, holding back with all my might to not jump in my bed. Nowadays, that would guarantee a broken bed. And an unhappy wallet. -sigh- gosh… to go back to the days where mom and pops paid for it all. But I digress…

The sight outside my window was so enchanting and staying home never felt so good. After a little tidying up here and there and chit chatting with the fam, the time finally came… time to play in the snow.

My little brother came by the house and we suited up, ready for the cold.  I love that when it snows this much outside, the low temperature hardly feels like a bother.  We were determined to snowboard down the block. We did this years ago and knew we simply had to do it again. Now something you must know… my board? She’s my baby. She is to me what a car means to a guy and what a bag is to a girl. So what first seemed like a good idea, now seemed like um… not so bueno. Lucky for us, our parents are hoarders and whenever I try to get rid of something, it somehow manages to walk on over and snuggle in the family storage room… a.k.a. the garage. While in there to grab the shovels, we come across my first snowboard! That board served its purpose from winter season of ’02 to ’06 and now, we’re bringing her back out.

Me with my not-so-little sis and definitely-not-little-anymore bro
Adi riding down 48th Avenue

Lil' sis and pops
Inga's first time riding

My brother and I tried taking a picture together. You’d think the 10 years of practice we’ve had of doing this over and over again before the lil’ sis came around would mean we could take a decent pic together, right? Well…

take #1
Take #2
Take #3

The lovebirds…

mom and pops

All of these pics were taken by my snap and shoot, Canon Powershot SD1100.

That’s the thing about fluffy snowy days… its beauty speaks for itself.

My beautiful mom and me (and my awesome hat)

Whether you have work or school, hope you have a safe commute.

And since I probably have to come into the office tomorrow, for those of you who have yet another snow day tomorrow, try not to let that warm, ridiculously comfy blanket suffocate you. -hardy har har- I kid. Enjoy…. not.


ps: I brought my film camera out with me today. I’ll develop them tomorrow and we’ll see… I’m so scared! lol I’ll post them once I have them scanned which will probably be sometime this weekend.


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