happy valentine’s day

While I would normally be totally be against the idea of holiday invented by the all mighty hallmark, I simply can’t help myself from being so excited. The idea that I could get away with over-hugging Chan (two is his limit per hour but I ignore this) and telling him I love him till he gags… I cherish it all and max it out. You see, I’m a lovable person. If the world would be up to me, I’d hug everyone like that dude in the Dave Matthew’s Band’s Everyday video. But alas… tis a different world, one where we can only hug people we are close to (blegh). While I can’t tell you all the details of our Valentine’s day (my little sister ate my present for Chan so it’s postponed till next weekend), I’m going to post all my pictures that are mushy gushy.

expecting parent love


right place, right time kind of love


the love that grows stronger kind of love. And yes, that's my shadow hahaha!


sibling love


winning the sunday softball league championship love


And last but not least… the music video I was talking about earlier. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 

PS: I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week or so, I have many photographs to explain my absence. They’ll be up throughout the upcoming week.


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