The jitters…

They never seem to go away. I have a shoot today. -heart beats-

After running a bunch of errands in the hours of the morning in the pouring rain, I lie down and chat with the boyfriend. After what only felt like several minutes, I look outside and see this…

-heart beats harder-

Was it supposed to snow today? I mean super cool weatherman Mike Woods did mention there would be some snow today but was he actually right? Another look out the window becomes a clear confirmation… he was spot on.

Anyone who knows me knows that I get all giddy when I see snow but when there’s a shoot scheduled, the look on my face tends to be more of an oh-my-gah… look.

The look quickly turned to an awwww-man-I-have-to-shovel face because I saw this…

I made a promise to myself and my clients (both current and potential) that I would do my very best to not be late and it would have to be terrible conditions for me to cancel. 8 inches of snow? That hardly seems like a reason to cancel. All I needed to do is have a nice breakfast, get all the stuff I put together the night before in the car, and give myself extra time in anticipation of traffic and treacherous conditions.

the scrambled eggs are a-cookin'
the toasts are a toastin'
yummm.... heart beats SLIGHTLY slower
a quick glance outside.... heart beats FASTER but the smell of the cup of joe helps soothe the nerves

As the photographs from the actual shoot won’t be up just yet, I am proud to say, I feel more confident. As a business woman, as my own marketing specialist, as a photographer. It feels good. It feels right.

Tummy’s been filled, brain is awake, I am ready to go. I left an hour and half before scheduled shoot time for what would normally be a 30 minute drive. It’s nice to not have to rush and make myself even more nervous. That’s just silly…

Goin' early also gave me a chance take this pic. Just wow...

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