Being in good company

For the past two nights, I have been overindulging myself in the company of good food, good drinks, and best off… great friends. Remember the good old days? The days where we could chat about your new toy, or discuss yesterday afternoon’s episode of thunder cats in the school yard? Nowadays, I have to pencil in time with my friends and I’ve come to realize, it’s not easy… this thing called life, but it’s totally worth it. Like many of you, I am balancing work, a relationship, friends, and family while trying to keep some of my sanity. Wednesday evening, my friend, Ada, and I, went to this magnificent, yet quaint French restaurant in Long Island City called Le Tournesol. The ambiance… oozing with french cool-ness. The service… attentive and genuinely kind. The food… left you saying ‘mmmm’ after each bite. No really… it looked like the scene from When Harry Met Sally. Every single bite was memorable. Delicious! Ada and I spent the entire evening chatting about our lives, catching up on the new, reminiscing about the old, and boy did we have fun!

Last night, me and two girlfriends, went to Martha’s Bakery. Nothin’ special… just a night out with my girls and cupcakes. Do I really need to say more? Probably not. But I can leave you with a picture… which is worth a thousand words. Whomp whomp whommmmmmp… yes, I’m that corny.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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