Me and my shopaholic ways…

I love ordering online. Risking the chance of sounding absolutely ridiculous, I’m just going to go ahead and say it… making purchases online feel less painful and I love when the package arrives. I know I know… “Astami, a pair of shoes for $250 online is the same as a pair of shoes in the store for $250!” Well, I say you’re wrong. It’s not the same. When I purchase things online, I usually have a code of some sort that’ll take off 10 % here or free shipping there and the absolute gratification I get from receiving the box, to ripping open the box like the mongrel that I am is priceless. My UPS guy always laughs about how excited I get when I receive a package and today was no different. He said, and yes, I am directly quoting “I feel like Santa.” Hmmm… that sounds so dirty typed out. It wasn’t in person though… I swear!

I’ve taken this feeling of excitement and pleasure over to my business. As a photographer, I wanted to feel more like a product and not just a service. While the service itself should never be underappreciated as it is a result of hours upon hours of practice and perfecting one’s craft not to mention hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of equipment, I, Astami T., at first felt bad for charging for my services. I truly did. It took a lot talking to myself “How could I charge somebody for doing something I absolutely enjoy?” And then there were days where I’d purchase an item and it was well… pricey. To change that up, I decided to create a product out of myself. Each client receives a box decorated by me and to this day, every single person writes back to me and comments on the box. Much like purchasing a pair of shoes online, I too am a product. Well, not me per say… but the CD in a box, is a product one would receive a tracking number for and receive a box on your doorstep and rip open. They appreciate the time and attention to detail I put in into each client and that in return makes me… a product.

So you might be wondering what package I received today to start up such a blog entry…



Eeeeeeeee!! That’s right y’all! My very own shootsac!!!

I’m in love. -sigh- I am completely and totally infatuated with this neoprene satchel plus an ever-so-chic poppy flower cover. Thank you Jessica Claire, for being so innovative and brave enough to make such a camera and lens friendly bag without it looking like a camera bag. Homegirl lives in NYC and I don’t want to be walking around with a bag that screams “steal me.” Goodbye messenger bag! You were good to me. You helped me a lot, but now I’m moving on to bigger and better things. I won’t have to put my lens in a sack each time. Messenger bag… you will be missed. Sike! Hello shootsac!


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