On the radio oh ohhh

Last night, I got a full night’s rest and woke up …early. It’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time and I forgot how good it felt. I think it was a combination of my change in diet (I’ve been forced to eat smaller meals more frequent in the day due to the TMJ), yesterday’s workout, or chatting with my mom and destressing that allowed me to just snooze. I recently downloaded an app called Sleep Cycle. The idea is that the app records how much deep sleep and how much light sleep you get. If you’ve had enough deep sleep, the app will let your alarm clock go off. Now the idea of waking up earlier might not be too pleasing at first but I’m telling you… it actually works. Because I’m not oversleeping, I feel less of an afternoon crash. The app also records your sleep patterns and creates a statistical chart that looks a little something like this..

Thank you Jessica, for making me buy this awesome app. And super duper thank you Jessica… for buying these babies…

I can’t wait!! Here’s a video of why I love her so…


Ooh. PS: I went to the gym this morning. Aw shizzle!

Pps: When the song 1901 comes on, instead of hearing





I sing to myself

Don’t fall

Don’t fall

Don’t fall

Don’t fallllllllll….


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