Shamelessly in like with another man…

Now don’t worry, I’m not less in love with Chan. No, no, no… I’ve got plenty of loving in my heart to spare. In fact, Chan might be tempted to thank this other man for keeping me from smothering Chan with so much of my heart. You’re welcome Chan.

His name is Bobby Earle and while I was skeptical with sharing him (one, Julia Azcona, is talking about him so much, I might have to send a virus to her google reader) I feel his work is too beautiful not to share. Me thinks my mother would be proud…

He’s a photographer out of San Diego and there are simply no words to describe him. His work is beyond stunning. I’ve always found it very difficult to frame wide open spaces but Bobby… oh Bobby. He has this innate ability to make you feel like you’re right there… right in that perfect spot, the one that you’ve stumbled upon in the midst of the kruger park safari. Ahhh… I can feel the warmth of the sunset radiate through my 15″ screen. Bobby shoots wedding and hosts travel photography trips to some of the most fascinating corners of the world. His most recent trip was to China (jealous!) and while he does have Italy and South Africa trips in the making, he’s currently rounding up any interested Indiana Jones wannabes to join him for a trip to Thailand! I don’t know him, nor have I ever met, but if you have ever read a couple of his blog posts, or checked out his photographs, you would understand why I make it sound like I know him. Bobby (yes, we are on a first name basis) has a way with words and making you feel like you’re part of his world, part of his family and maybe it’s just me, but I feel you can never have enough family.

If you’re interested in joining him on his quest to the ruins of Cambodia and the beautiful scenes of Thailand, please check out his blog for more info. I really do want to go but with the upcoming wedding plans, this year and next just don’t look like they have any elbow room for an adventure of this magnitude. I’m definitely looking into joining Bobby for a trip in 2012. Crossing my fingers…

And speaking of adventures, I thought I’d share some photographs from my last not-as-badass excursion out to the political jungles of Washinton DC. Like I said… not as badass, but definitely fun!

National Monument... just had to do it.
The cause for my euphoric state in DC... an abundance of fresh seafood.
Crab got him. Gotta love the bandana though!
Me and my Mr.Met in front of DC's ballpark. Fun game but the Mets lost... damn.
Ben's half-smoked chilli dog. Anthony Bourdain suggested, Astami approved!
Chan, Yolanda (the best waitress in DC), our friends Michael, and Carly at Ben's Next Door. Yolanda, whatever concoction you gave us was so good! We're coming back for sure.
On the train ride back home. If you've never been on Amtrak, try it. It's amazing!
I always run out of table space...
FOUR electrical outlets?!? It's the little things that make my day.
With My first love.
The gorgeous view to end our weekend getaway.



4 Replies to “Shamelessly in like with another man…”

  1. Awe!!! I just saw this 🙂 You’re WAY too kind. Really 😉

    Wish you guys were coming with me this December!!! Would be amazing to have you along…

    And where is you D wedding going to be?! Congrats on getting married soon!!!

  2. i looked up Bobby Earle’s work and i just want to say how much i love it! good share, ami! his photos are so epic and romantic .. kind of like his own personal story. warms up me heart.

    great photos from DC also!

  3. You’re getting to know me so well! I love Bobby! (and I think I love his wife too). You’re absolutely right… every time he posts something is like you’ve known me for so long. He’s such an inspiration… thank you for sharing him 🙂

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