Volleyball, Indonesians, food… just another day in the park.

This past Sunday was the annual volleyball tournament held by the Consulate General of Indonesia (NYC division).  Every year, the Indonesian community gets together to play a friendly match of volleyball… or at least as friendly as a match can get 🙂 It’s amazing to see everyone come together. We may not be a large group, as far as population number is concerned, but we are most certainly a tight knit group. Both young and old, everyone says hi, gives a kiss on each cheek (that’s how we roll), and recounts how their year was. Even within my group of friends, I’m starting to realize that we too have a ton of catching up to do. Being a grown up tends to mean any play dates require a two-week reservation… ’tis life. As I make my rounds, saying hello to all the familiar faces, I begin to realize just how lucky I am to be a Indonesian. Funny part is, if a person doesn’t know you, they’ll ask “siapa ibu dan bapakmu?” which means who are your parents. You may not think much of it, but somehow, someway, everyone knows one another. Indonesian put the sixth degree of separation theory to shame. If you’re from this beautiful archipelago, there’s only a three degree of separation… if that!

The final rounds were definitely intense. It was a hot day and people wanted to win. That’s the thing about sports… someone has to lose but no matter how intense things get on the court, as soon as we step off of it, we’re all a giant cluster of friendly faces. To all the men and women who were at the park yesterday, both playing and watching, thank you for another really fun Sunday.

I don’t have all the photographs ready just yet but I will leave you with this one because it made me wish I was a kid again… ’til I sipped my beer and thanked my lucky stars I’m over 21 🙂

I think he's going to be an archeologist.

Did I say one picture? I meant that one plus one more. I have to give the biggest shoutout to homegirl who played with a sprained ankle. Tasha, you proved me wrong… so very wrong. And you have no idea just how happy I am that you did just that.

To the left, is Natasha. Running a lap around us trying to prove to me that she can play. What she didn’t know is that she also proved to me just how stubborn she can be 😛 You win Tash… you win.

Tasha on the left saying "See, I can play!" and runs around us all while me on the right, reluctantly aknowledging I'm not going to win this argument. She did good. She did reallllllllll good.

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