Late night call

I’m at the point in my life where in order to see my friends, one of two things has  to happen… Either we make an ‘appointment’ and I pencil it in my calendar OR we make random calls and every now and then two people are perfectly available at the same exact time. Yes, the first method sounds a lot like work but that’s just it… relationships take work. I don’t care if it’s with your friends, your spouse, or your family, there needs to be an effort on both sides. Accept it and embrace it. My life is all over the place. Literally. I work in the most awesome city in the world, live in quaint neighborhood just a mere 20 minutes ride on the iron horse ride, and the fiancé currently lives in jersey (no, he’s not a jersey shore boy), and gigs have mostly been a tad bit of a drive away. I don’t mind it… no siree… I love it. The subway rides, I use to catch up on reading, be it a book or a magazine (I love my magazines!) and the drives are for practicing my vocal cords for karaoke nights at Top Tunes (mi mi miiiiiiii). I love my life. I’m lucky and I know it.

Last night, I get a call from a friend. 11:52pm. A friend who moved to my side of the boulevard. This friend moved a mere 7 blocks but I’m telling you, Queens boulevard has got some gnarly effect that makes the other side seem so far away. Anywho, her name is Ada and she called last night and told me she had an emergency. She quickly retracts that statement because she probably knew that the mom-like side in me would freak out (which it did). She said she doesn’t have an emergency per say, but she urgently desired a popsicle. I should’ve known the Brasiliana in her didn’t just want any popsicle…  It had to be a FrozFruit bar. On the walk over to her apartment, I pass by the elementary school she and I both attended. Good old PS 199. How lucky am I to still be in contact with someone I’ve known since kindergarten? When we finally meet up, she tells me we can’t go to the bodega around the corner because they don’t have the FrozFruit. I’m so glad she’s as picky as she is and knows what she wants because the pushover in me would’ve had anything and never would’ve walked 7 blocks just for a particular popsicle. I had coconut and she had mango… and it was oh so yummy!

Mango & Coco... and Ada giving a thumb's up.

Sorry for the terrible quality, it’s a photo taken by blackberry. Wouldn’t it be nice if an iPhone 4 fell into my lap 😉


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