Ode to Indonesia Part II: the people and the food

Like any country, Indonesia has both a fancy side and well… the un-fancy side. Being that this was Chan’s first trip back to Indonesia as an adult, I thought it was only right to show both sides. In Jakarta, we stayed at a rather fancy apartment on the 27th floor. Not surprisingly, some of his fondest memories are that of being able to observe the more humble side of this country. While it may not always be pretty, we can definitely count on the people being kind. In the outskirts of the major towns, there are quite a few that live a simple lifestyle but you always noticed that people were always in groups. My favorite part… watching kids walk to school. It’s a great reminder that no matter how hard life feels, it’s good to appreciate what you have. Chances are… you’ll open your eyes to see that everything’s going to be okay.

In Jakarta, we stayed in the midst of the chaos. Literally. I mean, you’ve never seen chaos till you get here. Between the mopeds whizzing by, the busses with complete and total disregard to anything around it, and then the people crossing every which way… craziness. And yet during the whole we were, we didn’t see a single accident. Not even a fender bender.

Crowded doesn’t begin to describe Central Jakarta. Don’t worry people… This is but a tiny part of Indonesia. Minuscule part, really…

Chan and I decided if we were going to be in Indonesia, we had to venture out of restaurants and eat on the streets. Literally.

This next photograph was taken by Chan’s mom from our apartment on the 27th floor. We’re the little white speck in the middle. About to purchase some breakfast… bubur ayam or porridge. I know, ew, right? You couldn’t be more wrong. Bar none the best breakfast ever. Ever.

Chan next to a got or sewage system.

The people’s gas station. Wondering why they’re in coke bottles? Because they sell them by the Liter. 1 Coke bottle is 1 Liter. Clever.

Our version of a Bodega…

Some our breakfast pitstops…

Chan checking out the menu at the warung

Ibu Lia preparing our food
Enjoying some Nasi Uduk
yum yum yummmm
Can you guess what this is?
It says "Fried Bread." That was bread with chocolate sprinkles... fried. Yummm...

Waiting in line to get through the alleyway…

Off to East Java we go. When we were booking the driver and car for the day, we were told we would start early in the morning to see Borobudur, then Prambanan (both are temples), then the shopping district. Shopping district?!?!?!?!? I mean, I love shopping but come on… now was not the time for shopping. Now was a time to soak in all the cultural differences. I think the shopping can wait. So we were told we could substitute the shopping district to check out one of East Java’s mountains. Yes, please.

Gunung Merapi, an active volcano which erupted just as recent as 2006. The name translated means Mountain on fire. You can tell where the lave flowed through and it is amazing how much green is growing back in such a short period of time.

The volcano from afar

Because so much of the area is still a tad burnt, locals must harvest the grass from the hilltops and bring it down to their cattle. I bet this guy could squat more weight than any of my friends here in the states.
It'll be back soon enough.
These walls were built to guide the lava in case of an eruption. Sadly, the eruption was spewed out way more lava than these walls could handle.

After checking out hiking the volcano, we started heading back to Yogja and picked up some lunch on the way.

Yes, that's a live goat in there.
Totally wishing I was badass enough to ride on top of the truck. I'm not.
At restaurants where you sit on the floor, taking off your shoes is mandatory.
Es teh manis (sweetened iced tea)
Enjoying the grilled fish, eggplant belado, fried chicken, sauteed water spinach, and the $8 tab. Yup... $8 for the whole meal.

The next day, we stayed in Yogja and just enjoyed the town.

Yup, that's Chan.
If you look closely, you can the guys in the background laughing. We all had a great time!
Why did the chicken cross the road? lol Sorry for the corniness, it was just too easy.

Rims for your MoPed anyone?
Mas Sutri enjoying his siesta

I apologize in advanced for those of you who thought that I would be posting up food and people pics from Bali. While my intentions were to do just that, after working on this lengthy post, I decided to make Bali a separate post.  Don’t worry… it will be up soon enough.

I love airports that make you walk outside rather than straight into the airport. It adds to the adventurous feel.

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  1. as if my craving for indonesian food wasn’t strong enough.
    thanks am….really. i hope you know this now means you need to a. cook some indonesian food for me, or b. take me to an indonesian spot. yes?

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