my day

Tonight, I hung out with a couple of girls and played Golden Girls Trivia at Big Daddy’s Diner. While I must admit my knowledge in the show is, well…. not that much, I had a blast. I laughed, drank, laughed again, and ate some yummy mac and cheese. Yummm…

A girl asked me how old I was and it took me a second to respond. I suppose I must finally admit, today is my birthday. This week has been rather tough and has in turn blocked my writing train of thought. I’ve come to realize, I just can’t write when I’m unhappy and in reality it is during that particular time that I should be writing the most. A promise I will try to make to myself this year, is to not hold everything inside and to let it out in a productive way. I will attempt to articulate my struggles in a way that will hopefully help others but more importantly help myself. I am, by no means  perfect and well  aware of that. But if there is one thing I do know, it’s that  I do want to try my best. Some days may work out better than others, but I will try.

And since I’m already exposing the heart that I wear on my sleeves… here’s a picture. An embarrassing picture at that… It’s of my first trip to Indonesia, spending my first birthday in a foreign land and insisting to take a picture with these giant shrimp.

Yes, I wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. ’twas the days when I was a total tomboy.



PS: my mom just wished me a happy birthday. She said that “you’re still a baby. At least… you’re still my baby.” Weird? Probably… but I kind of like it 🙂


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