Annie & Michael

It was a little over a year ago that I decided I wanted to get better at photography. Sure, I may have actually said “I want to be a professional photographer” but because I’m saying it now, I have the liberty to choose my words wisely.

I worked. Hard. I had this idea in my mind and was trying with all my might to figure out how to do this correctly. If any of you out there ever ask yourselves this question, the answer, for now at least, is that there’s is no right to do this… just do it. I was so worried with being perfect, so worried about making sure I remembered what camera settings work best in which situations, that I almost worried myself out of actually pursuing photography. You see one year ago, my photography experience included: two maternity portraits shoots and two newborn portraits. Did that make you hear wedding bells? No? Yeah, I sure as hell didn’t hear ’em either.That is… till Annie.

Annie is a friend I knew from some time ago. Junior High School to be exact. She is a small person with a very large personality and I mean large. Anyone and everyone who knows Annie knows that the statement I just made is not meant in a bad way. It’s the truth. That girl is the reason why I knew I could do this. She is the voice (figuratively and literally) that told my mind to shut up and just go for it. She knew I spent day and night reading a gazillion blogs to learn everything there was to learn about photography and knew I had been playing around with photography since I was young. She had the faith that I didn’t have in me and I owe her big time for hiring me to photograph her wedding and pushing me toward a path that ultimately made me the happier and passionate person that I am today.

But why talk about me when I have Annie to talk about 🙂

I’ve known Annie since 8th grade. Sure, we’ve had our lapse in friendship due to the regular NYC reasons… different high schools, different crowds (Hey! This is before cell phones and facebook okay! It’s the time of beepers and payphones). Somehow, someway, Annie and I managed to reconnect and it was somewhere during that time, that she and Michael started dating. They were adorable. Michael loved Annie dearly and made her smile in a way I’d never seen before. So when Michael and Annie told me that they had plans to get married, I wasn’t surprised. Not one bit. I knew they were meant for one another, I’m just glad they saw it too!

Michael and Annie got married at the beautiful Renaissance of Astoria. I had been here before when Annie and Michael were meeting with the owner, Teresa, to go over some details. I remember thinking it was really pretty, very chic without being cheesy. On the day of the wedding however, this hall was spectacular. It was all meticulously decorated with beautiful red roses and golden drapery.

I had to check on the guys for a second and boy do they clean up nice…

But of course… I had to, had to photograph the girls getting ready. The colors, the details… such a delight to the eye! Did I mention Annie is Bangladeshi and Michael is Mexican? How lucky am I?!?

And now… Annie’s turn. (Warning: She looked stunning!!!)

Didn’t I tell you? She looked perfect.

As for the rest of the evening, it was what all weddings should consist of… seeing family, sharing funny moments, and enjoying some really yummy food.

Oh, and of course a Bollywood-worthy dance performance.

Michael and Annie, congratulations on your wedding and may you both live happily ever after. You both deserve it.



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