buh-bye summer

Two things I despise that fly…

  1. Pigeons ( –shudders– gross)
  2. My weekends…

I mean really, where did this past weekend go? With the faint hint of a slightly cooler breeze, New Yorkers are letting go of summer and welcoming Autumn with open arms. No more, do we have to worry about pit stains on our blouse, or have to tolerate what can only be described as the haze of heat that punches you in the face when you walk into the underground subway stations. No more. Now we bring out chunky knit sweaters that have been hibernating since last winter and line up our tall boots. –happy sigh-

While I’m sure there will be times that I might be tempted to say “damn, I miss the warmth,” knowing that Fall means that snowboarding season is right around the corner makes me all giddy inside. Alas, I must bid somethings farewell for now…

Goodbye outdoor weekend brunches…

Goodbye picnics in the park…

Miguel and I giggling for our health
Chan enjoying a cat nap

Goodbye baseball… I kind of needed a break anyway 😦

… till next year.

I’m so excited to get some shots in of the leaves changing colors. Julia and I, along with our better halves, have agreed to take a little weekend getaway and drive up north. Hopefully we can schedule that soon!



54 Replies to “buh-bye summer”

  1. I will miss summer, but I must say that autumn is one of my favorite seasons, if not my favorite. I love the cool weather, the lack of bugs, and the pretty colors of the leaves. I do hate the next season after that, winter just stresses me out and I can’t stand snow and ice, I’m always freaked out I won’t be able to stop or I’ll be late for work.

  2. It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer…but fall feels so exciting… The way Summer never does…the leaves change color, schools start…and then, quite suddenly it’s Christmas and after New Year the countdown to summer begins again…lol

  3. Aw, this post was almost a little bit sad. I hate it when the summer passes (although there is something quite beautiful about a good autumn when it’s sunny and all the leaves are golden brown…)
    Love your photos, they’re very professional-looking. Oh, and I hate pigeons too. I even cross roads and hide behind people in the street to avoid them. Rats of the sky!

  4. This made me laugh because I really dislike summer and I’m always happy when autumn begins. Maybe because my birthday is in October, or because it was in the fall that I decided to be a writer. I was eight. Had no idea then what writing really entailed but the start of the cool weather always makes me remember. Terrific pictures!

  5. Weekends fly faster for students! I seriously wish that the school week was four days, Monday should not be a school day, I mean seriously, who even has energy on Mondays to go through the daily routines! Not to mention that the thought of school on Monday totally kills the ability to enjoy a Sunday…

    If you’ve the time, check out my blog!

  6. Love this post! Thank you. This subject has been on my mind of late, although I live on the ‘Left Coast.’ Friday night it was buh-bye to the Hollywood Bowl season which always winds down with fireworks at the Pink Martini show. And this morning it was my dog barking at the fig tree out back because it has stopped dropping figs on the ground for him to eat.

  7. Great shots. Especially the Citifield shot. What equipment did you use to shoot that if you don’t mind me asking?

    And as for the Citifield caption…as a fellow Mets fan, I need a break as well 😦

    1. I don’t mind you asking at all! I shot the photo of Citifield with a Canon 5D Mark II and the 50mm f1.2. And my settings were: ISO 320, f1.4, 1/20. I probably could’ve made the ISO higher to make taking the shot easier but I was avoiding any graininess.
      As for being a Mets fan, let’s hope for better next year.
      Thanks for the comment!

  8. Winter – Hiss, boo, hiss……

    Love dyour pictures though. Was that Shea statium? GORGEOUS SHOT! I hear Massachusetts is beautiful in the fall! Of course, upstate New York is too. Enjoy!

  9. Goodbye no-coat season, hello coat-season. And all the other stuff, like lemonade to hot chocolate, and to rowing in the park to sledding in the park. This summer has ended (well, not officially until the 23rd of September), but we have autumn, winter, and spring to look forward to until next summer. 🙂 Love the pictures, and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  10. I liked your post but I must admit I’m not thrilled for winter. Autumn yes but winter not so much. Thank god for the Celtics and Bruins cause I’d go crazy without them…ha ha!! This year however I think I will take up snowboarding and get more out of my winter. I do ice skate a lot so that helps. I guess I just love the heat and the vibe and the feel of summer.

  11. OH how I wish there was a way to find that endless summer!!!

    But with autumn comes more fun! Like my birthday (fun for me at least), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the super fun activity of raking up leaf piles and jumping in them; or splashing around like a little kid in puddles when it rains 🙂

    Sad to see summer go because this summer was one for the books 😦 But like you said, I need a break from all that spontaneous fun! Back to being boring and getting my study on for a little while 🙂

  12. Totally agree with waving adios to summer because you’re overwhelmed by a sense of giddiness at the approaching snowboarding season! Too bad I now live in Georgia, having just moved from the winter wonderland of Alaska. Now I have to take a long weekend to spent quality time with my board….blah.

  13. Its so funny how different coast experience something so different with the seasons. Being out here on the Westcoast I have enjoyed the great weather and have similar experiences to your pictures you have shared. However, I don’t want the summer to end… I dont have to worry about the wet heat but I did visit in August so I understand where you are coming from! Every weekend I enjoy the out doors… But I guess it is good that there are so many things to do outdoors in any season, just have to be creative and have fun!

  14. I really like your blog. Your photos are great! (I’ve set up mine to chart my progress too!) NY is one of my favourite cities and I can’t wait to get back there some day. I definitely wouldn’t go in summer though!

  15. Good bye long days – hello hot chocolate.
    I love the shot of Citi Field in the dark! The only MLB game I’ve ever been too was a Mets game – and Citi Field was pretty stellar.

  16. I hate when summer is over, it’s my favorite season, though here in Arizona it’s TOO hot too enjoy, now we’ll get to go outside & enjoy the weather!
    Your pictures look like you really enjoyed your summer, good for you!! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!


  17. Great pictures! I just came across your blog, Good stuff!! I have a suggestion for your trip up north. My husband and I just took a weekend trip to Lake George area. We went to a place called, Adirondackextreme.com, it was awesome!! I too love the warmth, but now am enjoying cooking my stews, chilli’s and casseroles.. Can’t wait to read more.

  18. Great pictures. Just came across your blog, luv it:) I have a suggestion for your up North trip, my husband and I just did this.. Adirondackextreme.com, It was awesome! ( Lake George area) Can’t wait to read more!

  19. I have dearly missed my high boots! My favorite season is the winter (Christmas and snow everyone!), so the fall is just a warm-up to me. This summer was great, the weather was okay, I think that’s more due to my short term memory than anything else.

    Loved the pictures!

  20. Sigh… summer is truly gone now isn’t it? Love your pics — especially the brunch shot (yummy!). I love our four seasons and wouldn’t have it any other way — because we always know that summer will come back and we will enjoy it even more next time! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  21. You know with summer leaving, that mean Christmas is around the corner too! Stores even have Christmas decorations out on display! Other big Christmas fanatics already have their Christmas trees up too, lol. But anyway, got any ideas as to what you want for Christmas?

    p.s. love the photos!

  22. This 2010 summer was indeed brutally hot. If anyone didn’t believe in global warming, I think they may have changed their minds by now. Lets bring on the Fall… And football! 🙂

    1. I do count my lucky stars that we’re so lucky to have four seasons. Having lived in Indonesia, I know what it’s like to only have two seasons and let’s just say, I prefer four.

    1. Julia… thanks! The photo of the stadium was taken from the train station and I took a deep inhale, held my breath, and kept the shutter open for about 30 seconds. I thought I was going to look like Mr. Met after that shot lol!

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