An Open Thank You Note…

That’s me being speechless 🙂

I couldn’t believe my tiny little voice was featured on Freshly Pressed. I’m so very humbled and now even more motivated to write as much as I can. I love sharing my struggles, my victories, my laugh-out-loud moments, and the moments where people laugh at me. Thank you thank you thank you for reading my ramblings… yes, I am well aware I ramble.

I want to apologize for the cheesy moments, the all-too-often-use of parenthesis (and dashes), and my tendency to digress. Thank you for putting up with it.

That being said, I’d like to thank several people…

Joy, the Editor Czar (… for sending me the e-mail that made me scream and rub my eyes again and again. Thank you for sharing my post with the world of bloggies. We’re so cool!

Julia Azcona, my motivator/sidekick/fellow shopaholic (… for telling me you wouldn’t shut up until I started my blog. Then continuously nagging me for not consistently updating it. Sincerely… thank you! Thank you for the every day chats and laughing at my jokes. You are the best. One day, I shall buy you a pair of Louboutins. Scout’s honor.

Chan ( …. though this isn’t HIS website per say, it is his addiction. THANKS Matt Cerone) … thank you Chan. Thank you for bein’ a friend 🙂

Bobby Earle (… for showing me a professional way to get personal. My intent was to show that I am the girl next door and you’ve shown me the way to be me. Oh, and for teaching the world how to shoot wide open spaces. It ain’t no easy feat.

And last but not least, my fellow bloggers and everyone who paid a visit. Thank you! A special thanks goes to those who comment on my blog. You have no idea how much it makes me smile. It makes my day and I can honestly say I appreciate every single comment!!!

Have a wonderful day!

And again…


3 Replies to “An Open Thank You Note…”

  1. ami,,lately your blog become the one thing that i must read everyday…haha..i like it so much..membuat gue jd pengen bikin juga tapi i don’t know,,maybe someday….;) update terus yaaaaa…ditunggu,,,:D

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