Sunday Morning… I’m up.

It ‘s a great feeling, to witness New York City bask in the early morning orangey sunlight. But I’m only up because I had to run an errand early this morning. That’s right, I’m not a morning person.

This isn’t a complaint… no, no. It’s an acknowledgment that I am well aware I’m missing out on quite a bit in the morning when I sleep till noon but I can’t help it… I love sleeping.

All the following photographs are straight out of the camera… it’s too early to edit 🙂

Yes, that’s 6:59 in the mornin’.

Queensboro bridge…

That’s that pretty orangey light I was talking about.

Since I was up, I decided to soak in the warm sun. I went over to Dave’s bagels , my favorite bagels in New York City, and picked up an onion bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a little bit of jalapeño cream cheese. Ooh… and a strawberry Nesquik. I didn’t want to sit inside the bagel shop so I headed over to my parents’ place and enjoyed my food on their porch.

Here’s a little close up…

Sunday morning… hello to you 🙂



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