lip balm-aholic

Hi, my name is Astami and I am a lip balm-aholic.

Yes, you heard right… lip balm-aholic. I am addicted to lip balms. It started out with the simple cherry chapstick my dad used to make me put on every time I left the house. My lips were always chapped and like a true tomboy, I was too busy playing tag to even care. I had a very brief girly lapse where I decided I would pretend my dad’s chapstick was a lipstick so I cut the tip at an angle. Boy, was he maddddddd. A couple of years went by and I moved on to cooler and better things… lipsmackers. I mean really, they had Piña colada? Yum! I even was super cool and sometimes wore it around my neck. ALL the cool kids were doing it back then. High school came around and suddenly I started caring what my lips looked like. tee hee A boy I liked was using Lip Medex by Blistex and so I tried it too. The lipbalm I mean!  Don’t know if it’s the never ending blue barrel of moisture, or the cool feel of the menthol, but I was hooked….

…. until now.

I have found a replacement so good, I threw out my old stuff and replaced ’em with a more superior version. I give you… the newest addiction.

My soon-to-be sister-in-law showed it to me one day and I couldn’t believe my eyes. To me, it was the quintessential form of a lip moisturizer.

It tastes like mangos, smells like heaven, and has the most awesomely colored case. I think I should bring up the fact that when I was lazy (all the time), rather than dipping my finger in my lip balm, I would just put my lips in it. Not sanitary? Indeed. But neither is sticking in your nasty fingers and touching your lips. But I digress…

-sigh- oh the simple joys of life.

Have a nice Tuesday! Tomorrow… the photos from Connie and Josh’s engagement shoot 🙂



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