Mmm… football

Football is, bar none, the ultimate American pastime. It takes over our lives in the Autumn, easily identifiable by the massive increase in the sale of beer, peanuts, hot wings and the constant playing of that football tune. It’s a joyous event, one where everyone comes out on Sundays and show off their pride colors. Mine happen to be blue (let’s go Giants), however my father, little sister, and Chan all root for the Jets. I don’t know if they have a particularly better team than they did last year or the fact that I watched their pre-season HBO show special, Hard Knocks, but the team looks like they’re going to be amazing this year! Hard Knocks was a documentary on the Jets pre-season. For the people out there who don’t understand football, give Hard Knocks a shot, I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the sport a whole lot more. It’s a tear jerker. From the cuts, to the passion, to Rex Ryan… Hard Knocks brings you that much closer to the game.

Now please note, before I go any further, I just have to say, I love my G-men. But being that I am still of the female species, I think it’s okay that I purchased the following…

… I mean have you seen the former USC Trojan? Let’s just say the man is a easy on the eyes.

Been to two games at the New Meadowlands Stadium and it’s always oh so awesome! I think I’m going to try and make a tailgaitting trip sometime soon. The atmosphere in the parking lot was insane! But for now, here are some pics from a pre-season game Jets vs. Redskins.

Chan and I parked across the “street” the first time around. I use the term “street” loosely since in actuality, it’s a 10 lane highway. So badass…

… in khakis 🙂

The new food selection…

The fine choice in stadium decor…

The view…

Then… out of nowhere. I get goosebumps, like my nyc-spidey tingley sense went off! Something is wrong. Oh so wrong…

Okay, so maybe not actual spidey sense but I turned to look at the dude that sat next to me and gasped. He smiled and said “yeah, I’ve prepared myself for a bunch of those.” I asked how could he?!? And he said “cuz I love Brady.” As in Tom Brady. What I’m about to show you next isn’t even a fashion faux-pas, it’s just down right wrong. Wrong. You just don’t do this! I asked if I could take his picture because I knew if I told my friends, no one would believe me so here goes…

Yup… a Yankees hat and a Patriots jersey.

I gave him hell. Actually, more like inquired profusely on his wardrobe decision. He said he loves Brady, he loves the Pats. I looked at him, still  bewildered. But what about the hat? He said he loves the Yankees. I had nothing. The man left me speechless… and that’s rare.

The good thing was, he turned out to be really chill. He even took our picture…

And ladies, let this be a fair warning to all of you who plan on going to a game to either watch it because you enjoy watching the sport, just want to drink a beer at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, want to check out the players’ behinds, or even to impress a guy… always carefully choose your colors. I had a friend once wear a red shirt to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. You just don’t do it.

But for now, it’s Monday. The Giants and the Jets both played yesterday so there’s 6 days of rest.

Soon to come… engagement shoot from Long Beach 🙂



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