Family Portrait: GianCarlo & Masha

On the drive to Long Beach, GianCarlo and Masha’s mom gave me a call. She told me to not rush and that when I got there, I would have homemade guacamole, chips, and some Chimay waiting for me. The sun was shining, the warm air was blowing, and I knew how lucky I was to have such awesome clients.

She also mentioned that her little girl, Masha, had all the outfits prepared. I told her I could use an assistant you know? Full time. I’d pay her in cookies 🙂 She laughed and politely declined. She told me her 7 year old’s schedule is fully booked and just wouldn’t have the time. Go figure…

Long Beach again you say?

Totally. I love Long Beach. I would totally move there. Well, after I get this city-girl bug out of me.  But total migration aside, I think Long Beach happens to be one of the best places to do a family portrait. The clean beaches allow me to let the children run free and be themselves and best of all, the parents don’t have to worry because it’s safe.

This warm afternoon, I was in Long beach to for Masha and GianCarlo.

Masha, oh Masha. Masha is currently into tae kwon do (all you parents out there know exactly why I used the word currently). For a charming girl of her petite size, she’s surprisingly independent. It’s inspiring! One thing’s for sure, Mom and Dad won’t have to worry about Masha. She can take care of her carefree self just fine.

This is Masha showing me how to do her tae kwon do bow…

Then, we were off to play…


GianCarlo is an intriguing fellow. For a kid his age, he thinks… a whole lot. I mean the conversations we were having were mindboggling. He’s so intuitive! We chatted discussed his current passion, ballroom dancing and swimming. Then about the upcoming school year and how it might be challenging but he’s “so up for it.” He says “don’t worry, I’ve got it.” I love it! The confidence, the swagger… oh, to be young again.

Together, GianCarlo and Masha are a wonderful team. The love, the teasing 🙂 , the companionship, and the hugs are abundant between these siblings.

And at the end of the day, when your kids are running side-by-side, I’m sure you can’t help but wonder… you did something right.

That’s love 🙂



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