One proud momma

My first investment for this whole crazy idea of pursuing photography was purchasing the Canon Rebel xSi with the stock lens. It was what I could afford at the time and she did me good. While I never actually named her, she’s definitely a ‘she’.

Six months in, I rented this one lens and it was love at first f-stop. Going through all the blogs I subscribe to on my google reader always led me to one conclusion: 50mm prime lens is the bombdizzle. Shortly after that, I knew I had to own it. And so I did…

But now, I can’t even contain the smile on my face. I’ve finally stepped up my game.

Hello full-frame! I love thee!

Now, if only I can figure out what to name this badass…

And before I click it…

For the guys who don’t understand this feeling, it’s like looking at your car’s odometer at 10 miles.

For the ladies, it’s like taking out a pair of shoes from the box and getting a whiff of that brand new smell. Oh… and the unscuffed soles 🙂

Feels so good


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