Challenge… Accepted

Just got back from San Francisco and I don’t think I can say this enough… I love the Bay city.

On one of our morning walks, I thought it’d be nice for Chan and I to go to the ferry market. The last time we went we had a nice stroll through all the organic produce vendors and a plethora of craft artists. What I didn’t know was that on Saturday mornings, this fair is POPPIN’!

Live music…

Awesome people…

I mean the array of food vendors was just awesome. You could get totally full from just the samples alone!

This close up is for my bacon lovin’ fiend friend, Jessica. No really, she has a blog dedicated to all things bacon

We stopped by Downtown Bakery & Creamery who has the most amazing Almond Tart.

Then there was this one vendor… A vegan spot. My silly mouth drooled then said “Man, according to that menu, I could TOTALLY be a vegan. Naw, maybe a vegetarian. I love cheese too much.” To which Chan replies “you wouldn’t last a month.” Now here’s a little thing about me… I like bets. And I like winning. My father used to bet me and my brother to do the dumbest things for a buck. That’s right… $1. And you best believe we always made our dollar. Well… most of the time. He’d bet us to eating a hot chili pepper or hold out a gallon of milk for one block (no easy feat). The thing is, if we accepted the bet and lost, my mom would usually say “ugh, just give them the dollar” and my father never would. Looking back, I’m glad he didn’t because from that silly little game, I learned that challenges can be fun, sometimes can be out of my league, and that I can win or lose but not settle.
So starting this past Monday and for the next 30 days, I am a vegetarian. I realized after accepting the challenge that I picked the one month out of the year that has a holiday whose celebratory meal is based around a certain fowl (and I’m kicking myself for that already) but a bet is a bet…

San Francisco… I miss you already.



ps: Yes, the title is from one of my favorite shows on right now, How I Met Your Mother.


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