November, I declare thee…

As I looked at my meticulously noted planner (no, I’m not paying myself a compliment. I am simply stating I note everything in my planner. Everything), I noticed a common theme to all the scheduled shoots. I, of course, smiled with such glee as it occurred to me that all of my bookings this month are either out of town or in NYC but of people from out of town! From San Francisco last week, to DC next week, to shooting Anthony and Sandra from the Sunshine State Florida in two weeks and even down to today, where I’ll be shooting Tiffany and Bryan who are visiting NYC for the first time all the way from San Diego. And though I know I haven’t met them yet, I can tell… I’m going to adore them. You see Tiffany and I have been writing back and forth… and then some!

Can’t wait to show you guys my playground… cuz you know for sure, Chan and I are definitely taking you guys up on that offer when we swing by San Diego 🙂

November 2010… you are officially my very first out-of-towners month. Oh, the delight!

… taken by my super nifty iPhone4.


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