Tiffany and Bryan

It started with an e-mail. Don’t they all? šŸ™‚

Tiffany and Bryan had been married for six years and they were about to visit NYC for their very first time and wanted to do their post wedding shots.

Intrigued? Yeah… so was I.

Tiffany goes on to explain that they had the most amazing wedding with awesome photographs of the ceremony and great laughs shared… but no couples’ pictures. I think it took Tiffany and I about two e-mails before we realized we were (and I’m quoting Tiffany here) a “match made in bi-coastal heaven.”

Being that this was Tiffany and Bryan’s first time in the big apple, I had to reopen my eyes and take a good look as far as location scouting. She gave me a blank canvas but with a starting point and an ending point… Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. I told her I was down for anything but they needed to know that there’s one thing they have to prepare for… walking.

Discouraged, they were not, so we started at Central Park…

-sigh- check out the foliage in the background…

Then we started heading downtown…

City Hall Park…

Then the Brooklyn Bridge…

They weren’t kidding when they said they were down for anything. Bryan carefully hoisted Tiffany onto the rail for the skylight twinkle background. I love couples that are game for just about anything!

A little shot of the Empire State Building for Tiffany…

And of course, my favorite shot of the evening…

Tiffany and Bryan from San Diego… hope you guys enjoyed your visit to the big Apple!



7 Replies to “Tiffany and Bryan”

  1. Ah, New York! What a wonderful romantic place to take your post… wedding photos! Love the images, are amazing! Just love the second one. So sweet!!

  2. Hey Astami – Thanks so much for stopping by Style Notes today! Glad to have discovered your blog, too… your photography is gorgeous! Looking forward to getting to know you better over the blogosphere, and seeing the results of your Thanksgiving table! šŸ™‚

  3. great shots, ami! i LOVE all of them. the last shot especially feels so epic! i think it truly captures the essence of NYC and the love that your friends have for one another.

  4. Wow. Just OMG wow. Thank you for being the best experience of our trip! You weren’t just our photog, you were our personal tourguide, and now our friend! Thank you for showing all the beauty in NY! These are amazing!!!

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