Post-Thanksgiving Thanks

I love the first of the month. It feels like a clean slate… like a chance for me to get things in order. With the year rapidly coming to an end, I am really on crunch time with projects, finishing up goals, and cleaning things up to start 2011 on a good note.

This past Thanksgiving was like any other Thanksgiving and I must say… I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every year, me and the fam go upstate to see cousins Erika and Danielle, Danielle’s husband Dan, and aunt Etty. With a slight change in location in celebration of Dan and Danielle’s recent real estate purchase (congrats guys!), everything else was the same. While going through my photos from the celebration, I realized it’s been one year since I started to take this blog seriously and I have to say… it’s been awesome. I’m thankful for this form of media outlet, thankful for free format, and thankful to those who are reading. Thanksgiving is a weird holiday, one that has to do almost nothing with its actual beginnings but that’s okay. Because for me, it has become a day for us to trek out and get together, cook, laugh, chat, eat, nap, eat some more, and appreciate one another. I’m glad we’ve been assigned one day to do all this because frankly, with everyone’s crazy schedule, it just wouldn’t be possible without turkey day.

Here are some pics from our family’s Thanksgiving…

If only I could have devilled eggs for breakfast every day…

The worker’s fuel… mimosas

My crazy cousin-in-law outside in shorts and flip flops… did I mention it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit?

The home’s 1st official dinner set up (apologies to Camille over at Camille Styles Events… she had a totally awesome DIY post and I totally forgot. Girl… I am totally using your DIYs sooner or later)

Shots of the fried turkey…

No marinate and no seasonings…

Just good old turkey goodness…

I mean really… why ruin something so perfect?

And now me and the cousins being our silly selves and taking a cheesy portrait.

Because that’s what cousins do…

Happy December 1st


ps: I apologize for the tardy post… technical difficulties 🙂


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