Family: Logan and Matthew

Sunday morning, I headed to the Upper East Side for a portrait shoot of Logan and his cousin, Matthew. It was freezing outside and I so glad our shoot was going to be in the comfort of the warm indoors. To say the boys were cute is a total understatement… they were adorrrrrrable!

Here are some pics of baby Logan and his big cousin Matthew.

In between a wardrobe change, I caught Matthew in the hallway…

Continued the shoot with another outfit…

Now Logan is a quarter Vietnamese so when his mom brought out the outfit for both Logan and cousin Matthew, I melted inside….

The right song came on and Matthew showed us some gnarly break dance moves.

This next one, I don’t know where it came from but I almost died of laughter. Matthew is too funny…

Another outfit change…

Did I say outfit change? I meant lack thereof 🙂

When we finished the shoot, Logan was pooped and immediately fell asleep but for the rest of us, it was lunch time…

happy wednesday!





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