If you’re a reader of my blog, all four of you 🙂 , you’ll know that a little over one month ago, I accepted a challenge from my other half. The challenge was to be a vegetarian for a month. As a regular skirt steak order… er? Orderer? (That’s definitely not a word) ANYWAY… As a devout skirt steak muncher, I saw being a temporary vegetarian not so much a challenge, but more like giving my digestive system a rest. Surely it can’t be that hard… Jasmine Star does it, my friend Joan does it… it’s just will.
Well, I’m proud to say, that I succeeded… I proved Chan wrong managed to not eat any animals for a whole 31 days and it was pretty fun! I definitely had to change around the things I normally ate and when I craved the texture of something meaty, a nice portobello mushroom usually did the trick. Thanksgiving was a little rough, especially with the fried turkey, but mashed potatoes, stuffing, and brussel sprouts definitely eased the craving.

Yay me!

And as for the first meal…

Banzai burger and a freckled lemonade at Red Robbins. ♫ Hmmmmm ♪

happy friday



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