It’s cold here in NYC and this week has been one of those weeks that you feel like you’re running around like whoa and nothing gets done. Yesterday, my little sister called me and asked for the recipe of the apple pie she likes. I sent it to her and later called her back…

me: How’s the baking going?

lil sis: Um… yeah, I think I like it better if you’d make it.

me: Did you even start?

lil sis: No, because I’m waiting for you.

I smiled, went home as soon as I could, picked up three Golden Delicious Apples and proceeded to do one of my favorite things in the world… bake. I love that baking is so methodical, precise… mathematical. It soothes me. I like knowing that if you follow the recipe, you know exactly what you’re going to get. Granted, shi stuff happens like not taking the pie out in time or forgetting an ingredient. But just knowing that I can control the outcome if I carefully follow each step calms my ever-jumpy insides. What happens if I mess up a photo shoot? What happens if I hurt someone’s feelings? I used to think about that all the time but that’s wrong. These are things that even if you think you’ve done everything right to avoid the mishaps, bad things can still happen. Life has taught me that as long as I prepare, clear my mind, and do my thing… it’ll all be as okay as anything can be. I can’t control all the factors in life but a pie… that I can. So here’s to pies, things I can control (preperation, practice, etc), and the rest of the elements in my life that I can learn from.

I ate the crust… sorry, couldn’t help it.

Happy Thursday…



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