Ridin’ West Coast

A snowboarding trip planned months ago was quickly thought to come to a halt with the humongo piles of snow we got here on the east coast. As I spent the better part of the yesterday morning shoveling, I wondered if maybe my snowboard seeing the west coast just… might not happen. I hate that often times, I overexcite myself but I felt that for this trip, I simply couldn’t help it. I’ve heard wondrous tales of the pow-pow out west. Ironic how the thing that’s keeping me from flying to my snowboarding trip… is snow.
I packed my new giant Burton Locker Bag (my review on that later) and hoped. Funny, but to be honest… I was really pushing it. I felt that if it happened, cool. But if it didn’t… That’s okay too. There are worst things that can happen in life.
After my friend JT dropped me and Chan off at the airport, we checked in and found out there was a two hour delay. It was like music to our ears. Delay…. puh-lease! I can totally handle that! And so we did. Found a nice comfy table in terminal 4 of JFK and brought out the big guns… my Vogue, InStyle, and Lucky magazine and that darn David Sedaris book I have yet to finish while Chan took out his Kindle.
As promised, after a 2 hour (and a teeny bit more) wait, we’re off to the west coast.
Hope everyone has an awesome Friday.


Me packing lightly

My amazing magic bag that fit all my stuff…

Chan and his kindle…

Airline of choice…

-Happy Friday-



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