Something New…

Like a kid in a candy shop, helplessly filled with glee and utter joy, I went to a store to go shopping with my mom and girlfriend…

Having watched Say Yes to the Dress once, I can honestly say… I was not looking forward to searching for a wedding dress. Shoes… YES. Dress… hmm, not so much. I mean really, do people know that they don’t make each dress in each size? I sure as hell didn’t and I thought maybe this blog post could help out anyone out there who is about to get married or wants a white dress for the hell of it (no judgment). I’m sure some of you reading are thinking “DUH.. of course they don’t make each dress in each size.” I’m sorry, but I truly was no aware of that. I come from the land of XS/S/M/L or 0/2/4/6/8 or even 6/8/10/12… you know… a variety of sizes. My anxiety caused by that God forsaken TV show pushed me to a point where I was forced to try on dresses that were off the rack. I know to some this would be heart breaking but to me, this was music to my ears! I was ready to wear a dress from Gap or Tibi paired with some badass Louboutins… but that’s just me. I like mixing a variety of high-end fashion and cost conscious items and would much rather spend more money on the shoes than on a dress I’d wear once.

So… I walked into Kleinfeld with every intention of walking out with no dress. My goal was to pick out a gazillion dresses, try them on, and see what fit looked best on me.

1st dress: Mehh… it was alright.

2nd dress: I really liked it but my homeslice Jeanina said it was like something I’d normally wear. No, I don’t normally wear a couple thousand dollar dresses on a regular basis but she was right. This dress seemed too… safe. There was no risqué to it, no wow factor.

So on to dress 3. Please remember… I didn’t want to walk out with a dress. But as I put it on, and our helpful assistant zipped me up… everyone knew: this is the dress. I wanted so much not to love it and at the risk of sounding like a complete narcissist, I’m just going to say it… I kept trying to pry my eyes away from my own reflection but couldn’t. This dress was the bombdizzle.

Yup, that’s me and the dress.What? You didn’t think I was going to show you the actual thing, did you?

To me, the exhilarating feeling wouldn’t come from the fact that someone makes me a brand spanking new dress… The excitement came from the fact that slipped into a dress that fit me like a glove, like stepping into shoes that make your legs look like whoa. Y’know what I’m sayin’…

happy friday!



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