New Website

check me out…

a lot of things came to mind when i was developing this website.

sitename: my old site, like my last name, was way WAY too long. i mean really? yeah… that definitely needed to be simplified and astami photos just seemed like a better choice.

design: i like streamlined, fits in one screenshot websites and while my old site had just that, it was missing a bit of that je ne sais quoi. now that’s not to say that i think my new website is now the bombdizzle… but it’s definitely a product that i think showcases me in a true form. simple, demure, straight to the point… and gets the job done. You feel me?

content: i needed a site that i felt best showcased my work and after attempting to design it myself, working with a team of up and coming website designers, trying different website templates like showit and livebooks, i ended up using photobiz. Now, I’m not saying that one is better than the other and to be honest, the design itself really came down to between showit and photobiz but i’m a total html lover (as opposed to flash) and photobiz just like the right fit.

ease of use: i really enjoyed how easy it is to edit my website on photobiz.  the process is very smooth and straightforward. not wasting my time over updating my own website because it’s too complicated… major plus.

i hope you guys like it. constructive criticism is always welcome though i do ask that you e-mail it to me at

on a side note… i consciously decided to write this post completely in lower-case letters. i’m living on the wild side these days 🙂

the post of safia and rizwan’s wedding coming soon…

and just because…

happy thursday!




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