Christine and Eli’s NYC Engagement Portraits

Christine and Eli celebrated their 13th anniversary with Eli’s proposal for Christine’s hand in marriage.

Yup… 13 years anniversary.

It’s an amazing experience to document such love…

And man they look good!

Christine is a very talented baker. Operative word being very

Eli is a sneakerhead. Always has been… and probably always will be. So when he showed up in Jordans, I was not surprised. In fact, I was kind of happy about it. I love spending time helping stylize an upcoming shoot. My imagination knows no limit. Props… love ’em! Balloons… more please! Pops of color… oh yes! However, I feel that I should point this out… no matter the ideas, it should always be true to you. Because at the end of the day, this is all. about. you.

While Christine was standing by the bench oh so sexily, she looked over and screamed! Being that we were in New York City, I thought she saw a rat. Luckily, there was a much nicer surprise… on the bench was etched Eli and Christine’s initials.

So meant to be…

This next shot was Eli’s idea…

Christine made these cakepops for the shoot…

And this mini cake…

She’s currently still working on putting her business together but as soon as I get more information, the world will know of her amazingly delicious treats…

It was nippy and we ended our shoot but Eli grabbed the blanket to warm Christine up. I end this post with my favorite image…

Smitten after 13 years? -happy sigh-



5 Replies to “Christine and Eli’s NYC Engagement Portraits”

  1. they seem like such a sweet couple! great job on capturing the essence of their dynamic! i feel like i know them personally šŸ™‚ and do blog it up when your friend opens up her dessert place! i’ve got a hankering for cupcakes ever since i started watching ‘cupcake wars’

  2. you are a wonderful photographer astami! you made us feel so comfortable and special during the shoot. All all of these shots are just amazing!


    1. Thank you! I do love shooting there. There’s so much to work with.
      I used a 50mm f1.2 for the entire shoot. To be honest, I use that in 99% of my portrait shoots.

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