online wedding boutique

while to some, the idea of shopping for their wedding gown online seems atrocious, to me… it sounds heavenly. i am the type of person who likes to see my options without the pressure of a salesperson on my shoulders. i’m definitely not saying anything bad about sales people, some are there to truly help you out. but sometimes, i just want a minute alone with my choices…. and when i need help, i’ll ask.

i was introduced to shopbop years ago, by my ex oh-so-chic roommate, tanty. when she showed me the site, it was all down hill from there. i wanted everything! shopbop’s layout is easy on the eyes and their sorting options make searching for something specific very efficient. and in honor of the recent launch of their wedding boutique, i thought i’d share some others that have made an impression on me…

Shopbop’s Wedding Boutique


screen shot of



BHLDN (pronounced Beholden) … from the brains over at urban outfitters


screen shot of




J. Crew … and to think, they were once all but a wee lil’ catalog.


screen shot of



White by Vera Wang at David’s Bridal … while technically, this isn’t an online store, it’s nice to be able to see the whole collection online, print out the ones you’d like to try on, and bring it to the stores scattered all throughout the US.


screen shot of



note: if see something you think you might like, please go to david’s bridal asap. when i went, almost all of it was sold out. i’m sure you can imagine with the reasonable prices and the amazing designs, these babies are selling like hotcakes.


hope this helps!



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