back in full bloom

it’s been some time since my last blog post and there’s only one thing for to say… wedding planning kicked my ass. ooh, and i loved every second of it.

to sum it all up, i, astami, got  hitched. it’s been a month that has felt so surreal… so magical, and i owe it all the all my friends, family (yes, bobby and josh, that now includes you), and my main man chan.

a little instagram action for our nyc city hall nuptials…

the day was shot by my beautiful bubbly friend and amazing wedding photographer, julia azcona. she was, without a doubt, my number one choice to entrust with the responsibility of capturing the day. let’s face it folks, your wedding day can turn out to be everything you planned, or the absolute opposite, but one thing you will forever cherish are the photographs of the laughter, the tears, the hugs, and the oops moments that make for a funny story later on down the road. julia is talented, trustworthy, eager, and kind. the images she captured from that day were absolutely timeless and i’m glad i hired her. to see julia‘s full blog post of our special day, please click here.

our ceremony was in bali and let’s just say, i still need some time to share that part. i’m still oh so jetlagged, totally full of amazing seafood and yummy young coconuts but rest assured…  i shall blog about them soon. bobby earle and josh newton were on hand to photograph the evening and they were amazing. bobby posted a sneak peak here and to say that i can not wait to see more, is a ridiculous understatement.

seriously bobby, i cannot wait for more


-newly minted missus b.


One Reply to “back in full bloom”

  1. Omgeeeeeee congrats!!! I saw some of the pics you were tagged in and can I say me n Jon are totally bummed we couldn’t make it! You looked gorgeous!(not that you don’t look gorgeous normally …you aight Hahahaha) love love love! My Sis saw your pics n got emotional such a chump! Lol love it tho! Congrats again

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