life on bliss street

finding the perfect apartment in new york city is hard… super hard. location, size, layout, walkability (yes, that’s a word) of the neighborhood were all major factors of the search and we finally found the right one. i adore the apartment. it’s totally a blank canvas that i cannot wait to make my own. one thing’s for sure, there’s no rush in purchasing the furniture. for once, time is on our side.

here’s a little sneak peak into our humble (not even exaggerating) abode….

i’m so excited to paint, set up some book shelves, put up some frames, and transform this apartment into a place that can be called home. not to worry, i will make sure to take plenty of before and after photos!

and if you’re wondering why i entitled this post that way, it’s because it just so happens that we moved to bliss street. i love new york city.


ps: did you know you could change your address online? simply go to they charge a buckaroo but no waiting in line… yes, please!


2 Replies to “life on bliss street”

  1. don’t forget to invite me to visit your new apartment when its done am!…i know it would be legend….wait for it…..dary!..:)

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