friday faves

my latest visual addiction is a book i got in the mail recently. now that i’m a kindle user, the arrival of actual books have become far and few. this one however, i simply had to have.

jose villa‘s work can only be described by one word: ethereal. he shoots film photography and reminds the world that genuine gorgeous photographs can be achieved without tons of post processing.

the joy in my heart as i open the package was unbearable. i was squealing, actually squealing! (chan’s not a big fan of that sound so he usually just walks away tee hee)

on the real, when you’re an adult, how awesome does it feel to get mail that isn’t a bill?

-blush- no, jose, you’re beautiful…

to say i aspire to be in the big leagues with jose villa is down right daunting but i do. i strive each day to become a better photographer and a better person.

i strive…



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