home improvement post #1

as of now, the humble abodes is well, just that… humble lol! because the hubs and i moved in from home, we aren’t bringing over any furniture which is super exciting. the apartment layout is quite open and leaves me with tons of ideas. so many ideas with this blank canvas and i have this terrible fear to start. what if we buy something too big? what if it’s too small? what if i don’t like at home?

i’ve decided that one thing i didn’t like for sure was the color of the wall. it was a peachy caramel and while that may look nice in other homes, it simply wasn’t working for this one. in my attempt to make what can only be described as baby-step-like progress, i headed over to home depot and picked up some primer.

and so began…

the lil’ sis helping out…

here’s an iphone photo of the progress thus far…

yup… one wall. turns out, i’m a terribly slow painter. who knew?

since the new digs is a rental, total renovations are usually out of the question. so for feasible decoration inspiration (without a totally out of this world budget) i usually go to these sites:

apartment therapy… seriously sick submissions. for fellow new yorkers, check out their small apartment sections. amazing!

young house love… they have a kid. if they can do it, so can i. or at least try 🙂

design sponge… features tons of awesome diy stuff.

martha stewart living magazine… don’t judge me. her magazine lists the actual paint name and number. that primo info right there.

happy wednesday! let’s see if i finish painting the living room this weekend 🙂



5 Replies to “home improvement post #1”

  1. Girl, i need to teach you a thing or two about painting. I used to paint entire houses in a day when I was 19! lol Good work though!

  2. I always think I love painting until I actually start doing it… it’s so long and tedious! or maybe i am just an extremely slow painter like you hehe. good luck and can’t wait to see more of your home as you progress in your decorating!

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