happy memorial day weekend…

as i was going through my regular morning routine, i realized that for the first time in a long time, i wasn’t going away this memorial day weekend. as a child, memorial day weekend meant a definite getaway whether it was camping or visiting some new random city. i hated those trips. honestly, i did. while my dad did let us play hookie and skip out on going to school on friday, it also meant waking up at around 5:30am to get ready and be out on the road by 6am. my dad always wanted to beat the morning rush. my mom usually woke up around 5 and got a box full of goodies ready. i’d drag myself and complain to my mom on why dad always wanted to go away, why can’t we just stay home? why did we have to see cleveland? why did we have to spend hours driving aimlessly and only stop when we were scheduled to?

why was i not able to appreciate what my parents were doing for me back then? i can’t believe i didn’t say thank you for driving umpteen hours. i can’t believe i can say i’ve been to almost every major city from toronto and the way down the florida keys. i can’t believe how ungrateful i was… and i’m sorry. nowadays, i love being able to say yup, i’ve been there and i now love traveling and am quite good at it. filling out immigration forms to me are a breeze and being in a land where i don’t speak the language does not make me panic. thanks dad!

in anticipation of a big trip coming up this summer, i will rest up, take care of the apartment, save that moola, stay home this holiday weekend. while i do miss the trips with my parents whether it be to somewhere far like portugal or going crabbing in virginia, it is nice to know that i now can wake up when my heart desires or clean my bed because i want my bed neat.

so whether you’re staying home or traveling, have a safe and fun memorial day weekend…



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