home improvement post #2

when it comes to browsing through stores and making purchases, well… i’m super good at that. what i’m even better at is not paying full price. what many people don’t know about me is that i’m a huge discount lover. i love cutting coupons (not ripping them because then the edges aren’t straight and it looks blah) and love getting the best deals. so far, i’m proud to say that about 90% of the home purchases were not full price.

my dad and sister-in-law would be proud.

so the painting in the living room sorta kind of didn’t get finished last weekend. i’ve designated this weekend as the deadline. it’s a living room for crying out… JUST ONE ROOM.

if you’re wondering how i didn’t finish painting last weekend, it was because i gave into my already super short attention span, and got distracted by the chalk board and magnetic paint i picked up. if you’ve never heard of magnetic paint, fear not… i just found out about it from John and Sherry over at Young House Love.

i picked up the magnetic primer by rust-oleom. for paint it’s rather pricey, running at around $20 for a small can (and it’s oddly heavy).

this is what the kitchen looked like before.

no worries, you can think it… it’s kind of blah right?the paint required tons of stirring…

here’s one last look of the blah wall…

Then slowly but surely…

big advice to those are going to do this. the magnetic paint is a tad pricey, makes the paint roller thingy look all funny and black and needs several coats… and emphasis on several. the instructions say that you can paint the next coat in 30 minutes. i noticed that magnets would stick only in areas that were repainted 4 times. may i recommend that you don’t paint the whole and just paint and repaint the site you will be using. who’s going to put up a magnet all the way to top??

here’s the final product…

magnets totally sticking…

i should probably note that chan did most of the painting. it’s the right thing to do 🙂   plus, he did an awesome job.

onto the next project: actually finishing the first one of painting the darn living room! (marilyn’s going to kill me for having taken this long lol!)

happy friday!



7 Replies to “home improvement post #2”

  1. This is so cute. I have the chalk board paint in my kitchen too and I love it. Did you put the magnetic paint on top of the chalk paint in the areas you wanted it to be magnetic? Love your kitchen table and the color, where did you buy it?

  2. ami,,,,kalau ke jakarta, boleh bawain cat itu,,so cool!,,gw juga mau bikin satu dinding kamar kost-an gw begitu deh,,,hehehhehe,,,can’t wait to see apartementnya selesai di hias…:D
    anyway, young house love juga my fav blog…so inspiring!..just love love love love it….:))

  3. hahahaha I have probably painted an ENTIRE house in the time it took you to do that wall!!! LOL I’m coming to the rescue.

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