the sartorialist

before i developed my blog crush for jasmine star, there was the amazing scott schuman.

while i have taken several classes on photography, i feel that i have learned and improved my craft thanks to the world wide web. scott’s ability to turn the sidewalks of nyc into a runway by capturing fashion in our everyday lives and his success as a blogger was truly inspirational.

so when kiehl’s was having an event unveiling their men’s kit designed by scott schuman and thereby giving me a chance to meet the sartorialist himself, you know i was there in a new york minute…

scott listened to me rambling on and on about how much i loved his work and how i’m trying to achieve the same type of fashion-editorial-photograph-type image from the weddings i photograph. seriously sweetest man ever!

and you know i couldn’t not ask him…

and now… on to working on my i’m-so-fashionable-i-can-control-my-smile-and-not-smile face.

happy wednesday


ps: thank you jonathan for putting up with my cra-crazy self. kisses.


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