home improvement post #3

after several trips to west elm and crate & barrel, chan and i knew that while all the pieces looked lovely, we kind of wanted something that’s more “us”… something that would have a story.

so, the search on craigslist began. when it comes to looking for furniture, craigslist is kind of like an online flea market minus the heat, people, and the bad feeling you get when you walk away from a lady who really wants you to buy her stuff. don’t get me wrong, i love flea markets, but when your free time is limited, online is just the way to go.

our apartment’s kitchen lacked counterspace and it was something that we needed to change asap. one evening, we stumbled upon this listing:

ikea solid wood cart: $25

looks great, right?

well, they must have taken this picture when they FIRST got it because let me tell you… it did NOT look like that. it looked like it was marinated in kitchen grease and i could’ve sworn there were some seeds inside one of the drawers that looked like it was starting to latch on and about to grow. we bought it anyway. as soon as chan paid for the cart, we lifted the cart and our eyes shot wide open. the grease was also underneath this thing! this was one of those instances where chan and i had a full conversation without saying a word.

me: STARING AT CHAN  oh my gahhhh…
chan: STARING AT ME man up and let’s get the hell out of here…
me: ewwww….

deterred, we were not and with some a lot of cleaning products, elbow grease, and some sanding, the cart looked decent.

then i had an idea. i figured since we had already gone through the trouble of cleaning and sanding, why not use this piece as the pop of color the kitchen needed. plus, we had some leftover from painting his old room.

and now in our black and white, plus some white shelves that we painted in the same color…


cart: $25
paint: $0 (leftover from previous project) +
total: $25

the best part… i love it.  i really, really love it. it’s amazing how simple a change in color can really change the personality of a piece.

happy thursday



5 Replies to “home improvement post #3”

  1. I actually had this exact same cart in my apt and I threw it out not too long ago. I wonder if someone took it and sold it to you guys?

  2. i love the tiffany co. green! can’t wait to check it out this weekend 🙂 keep up the good work and home improving mrs b

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