home improvement post #5

i love cooking with fresh herbs and ever time i buy a bunch, i use a little and the rest always seem to go bad. fresh herbs aren’t the cheapest things in the supermarket and i felt like something really needed to change.

with all the sunlight that comes into the apartment and no pets, i figured, i’d put try out my green thumb and see how this works out. so far there’s…

some basil…

thyme and parsley…

so far, i’ve used the basil the most. like in this plate…

yesterday, i second shot with the amazing stacey kaufmann of show and tell photography and had an absolute blast! and after a day of working hard, i shall enjoy my lazy sunday and listen to the lazy song by bruno mars all days long. ’tis my anthem of the day 🙂

have a nice weekend!


ps: happy birthday to my home girl jen o’connor. love you like a fat boy loves cake =muah=


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